Founded by designer

NATIF is design studio creating everlasting, minimalist jewellery inspired by timelessness. Founded by designer Annamaria Mikulik, the project of commercially produced jewelry collection started in 2018.

Casting process

Gold14k plating

All of the pieces are hand fabricated or cast using the lost-wax casting process. NATIF uses silver that is coated in a high grade 14k gold plating. The collection is focusing on becoming an attainable luxury.

fine jewelry natif
Minimalist beauty

The NATIF Silver and Rose Gold jewelry represents the very essence of subtle and minimalist beauty. The simple and elegant design with its polished finish provides effortless style and grants a classy and relaxed appearance.

The gentle feminine beauty and charm of the movements celebrate the infinite perfection of nature and its superiority. Jewelry stimulates the perfect cultured movement of the female body emphasizing the sophistication of the woman’s charm. Dreams become a reality mainly by believing in them.

Annamaria mikulik


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