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March 17, 2020
Knowing the etiquette

Knowing the etiquette allows you to make a great first impression. In today’s hasty time it isreally very difficult to find a man who has a message according to the rules of the etiquetteand it is not just talking about dining and dessert skits, but about everyday life. The label isthe most basic matter of understanding where there is a boundary between what is decent and what is understood as unworthy. If you want to work really elegantly on people, you can learnthe rules of the label in this simple way, and success or understanding is guaranteed.

When entering the restaurant, gentlemen opens the door, allowing women to enter the roomfirst. As a result, men can help with the cabin or the scarf and meet their companions. Thegolden rule to which we must not forget is that the person who proposed the meeting is valid. Mostly it is a meeting between a woman and a man.

For business meetings or meetings with friends where you know that for lunch or dinner youwill pay together, it is good if you notice the Waer.

When dining, it is not advisable to have mobile phones on the table. It’s a moment that youcan enjoy yourself, enjoy a good meal or wine, so why spoil your unexpected phone calls? Itworks very comically if you handle commercial matters at the table. Others have paid for a pleasant evening and are not interested in what issues your business is located in. Please note that you will be delayed in advance to be ready to do so.

In a social conversation in a circle of business partners or even at the first meeting with a partner, it is not advisable for you to talk about your personal issues, fears or medicaldifficulties. Decent people say very little about their family, their affairs and certainly do notannounce gossip. It works literally if you are talking about some other information in a conversation, which in many cases is not true. The time you spend together should be aboutcommon, interesting topics.

Much more challenging than talking is listening. Accepting other people’s views leads to a decent conversation in which no one may raise the voice.

When eating food is rude if you reject the food. It is advisable to accept the food withouthesitation and at least taste. In any case, do not burden the host with your diet or leave a food.

When paying in the shop, make sure that you have the money ready and, of course, whetheryou have enough. You will avoid troubled situations and you will not delay the series behindyou. Nowadays there are favorable quick reactions.

Perhaps we do not have to remind you that young and disabled people can leave the place to sit through older people or pregnant women. Well-behaving men do not sit in public transport if there is a woman in the vicinity. They are obliged to leave their place to a woman or anelderly person and settle only when appropriate. Women are not expected to leave their placeto men even if they are older men. He shall only leave his place if he is a family member. When entering or exiting the man helps the woman by filing his hand.

The knowledge of these rules is to bring your surroundings to life, which will be seen as a polite and decent person.

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