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March 17, 2020
How to look elegant

How to look elegant.

Luxurious and elegant looks have long been no longer just a matter of money. In thepast, the rule wasthe more expensive, the better“, but today you don’t have to spend half a year’s income for an exclusive look. The success of a tasteful outfit isnot its price, but a few fashionable tricks and clever planning.

If you also want to bring a little “new wind” to your wardrobe, read the advice that willhelp you. Prioritize quality over quantity. On the one hand, we long for many things, but a crowded wardrobe is no fun. Many women buy unnecessarily many poor qualitypieces, which after a few uses still go to the basket. Scratch, spread out in thewashing machine or fade after a few wear. Focus on quality instead. Find materialsthat are pleasing to the touch and flattering your character.

Clean lines and interesting processing. Elegance is built on clean lines. Chooseclothes that will impress you with cut and workmanship. Outfit can also be designer, no matter that it is not a world-famous brand.

Be careful when you choose to tune patterns, styles, or materials. Look must not beover-combined and act as if you put everything you found in the closet. Instead, choose one dominant piece that will form the gro of your outfit.

Dresses and pumps

Achieve elegance with dresses and high heels to underline femininity and highlightyour strengths. A suitable alternative is, for example, a sleeve or wrap dress and medium high heels.

Beware of colors. Your best friends are neutral colors such as black, white, gray, cream, body or cream. They can be combined with dark green, brown, burgundy or dark blue.

Have you ever seen a successful woman without small earrings or tasteful watches? Accessories perfectly bring the outfit to life and add a touch of subtlety and luxury. The choice is yourseverything from bracelet to tasteful ring is accepted.



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